Engineered Trusses: What’s the Big Deal?

The buildings at Hometown look great on the outside, but that's just the beginning of the story. Open up one of our sheds, and you'll find evidence of quality construction that you don't find many of our competitor's buildings. One example of that is engineered trusses. What's a Truss? The trusses are the beams that hold up the roof. A well built structure will have a a tie beam that is a part of the truss. A metal … [Read more...] about Engineered Trusses: What’s the Big Deal?

How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

Spring is upon us. That means lawns to mow, more time outdoors…and a fuzzy green film of pollen and smelly black mold all over your shed. If you happen to get a sudden burst of motivation to clean the outside of your shed, then there are a couple guidelines you should follow so that the washing won’t lead to damage. First, using a pressure washer is generally not recommended. It can strip the paint from the sides and also … [Read more...] about How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

Introducing Side by Side Windows!

In addition to the quality of our buildings, we pride ourselves on the versatile ways that you can customize them. We now offer the option for you to build a wooden shed with windows placed side by side and with a higher than normal roof pitch. The result is a uniquely beautiful presentation that doesn't look like a standard shed at all. You'll be surprised at how much brighter the interior seems with addition of the extra … [Read more...] about Introducing Side by Side Windows!

Working Like a Dog

When you think of a kennel your mind probably wanders to your backyard and Fido’s doghouse. However, the kennels at Hometown Shed are so versatile, they can be used for your dog at home or at work! Our Kennels are a Man’s Best Friend. Our kennels really are a man and dogs best friend. With Amish built quality construction, chain link dividers, 30 year architectural shingles, and PVC decking, these units are built to last! … [Read more...] about Working Like a Dog

What Side Are You On?

One of the people's favorite things about Hometown are all the choices you get for storage building. For example, you can choose metal or wooden siding. But even then, we have other options... Wooden Building? Do you want Smart Panel or T1-11? Smart Panel is an engineered wood product that is also used for home siding. The 8 inch strips on Smart Panel can be painted over and over, and they're guaranteed to resist rot, mold, … [Read more...] about What Side Are You On?

Snowed Under?

North Carolina had a lot of snow last week, and some shed owners found out why the carport that they purchased had such a low price tag. That bottom line is - cheap doesn't hold up under pressure. Sheds shouldn't collapse under the weight of a foot of snow. If they do, they're probably installed incorrectly, have steel that is too thin, or weren't braced. At Hometown, you don't have to worry about any of those things. … [Read more...] about Snowed Under?

Let Our Elves Build Your Playset

If you've overheard your child asking Santa for a playset, we want you to know that we have a hotline to Santa's elves. They make the Adventure World playsets that will delight your children (and maybe your grandchildren...) for years to come! (Amish) Elf Built! The elves craft each of our sets in their workshop from walled vinyl covered pressure treated lumber, adding strength to the structure. The heavy duty vinyl is also … [Read more...] about Let Our Elves Build Your Playset

Four Ways to Affording Your Shed

You have lots of options for your storage building at Hometown, and that also includes options on how to pay for it. We have four different types of financing, all of them designed to fit you, your wallet, and your budget! Rent to Own One of the easiest ways to get a building is through rent to own. With the FLEXLEASE® program, you lease one of our buildings until it is fully paid for. There isn't a credit check, and … [Read more...] about Four Ways to Affording Your Shed

You Can’t Knock Our Doors

Whether you purchase a storage building right from one of our lots or you place a special order, you get to decide on what kind of door you want for your shed. We have two types of doors - roll up or swing - and your choice will depend on your unit's placement and what you're going to store inside. Here are the open and shut facts about each: Swinging Single. Our swinging doors give your building a more traditional, … [Read more...] about You Can’t Knock Our Doors

Will You Choose Gambrel or Gable?

Buying a storage building is an investment, so when you buy, you need to make sure you're thought through all your choices carefully. For example, at Hometown our sheds have two different kinds of rooflines - gambrel and gable. Here's a little bit about each one. Gambrel. Some say that the gambrel roofline was developed in Indonesia a few centuries ago. Dutch and English sailors realized the advantages of the style, and … [Read more...] about Will You Choose Gambrel or Gable?