From Storage Shed to Poker Night

The term “storage unit” can sometimes be misleading because our customers don’t always use their sheds for storage. What else would you use a storage building for, you might wonder. Get some inspiration from one group of men who use a “storage unit” for poker games twice a week. After getting kicked out of a garage (I’ll leave those details up to your imagination), they purchased a 12×20 side gable unit and have now returned … [Read more...] about From Storage Shed to Poker Night

Great Deals on Wood Buildings Extras!

The wooden buildings from Hometown Sheds offers plenty of sheds to fit your needs, but finding the building itself is just the beginning. In addition to our already great buildings, we also offer four great packages so that you can make your great shed even better! 1. Electrical Package-$125 This option is perfect if you are wanting a hobby space or workshop. Rather than running through batteries or even using candles for … [Read more...] about Great Deals on Wood Buildings Extras!

A Great Buying Experience

The good reports of customer service keep coming in from people who buy from Hometown Sheds of North Carolina. Recently Darren C. bought a 12x21 garage from our Thomasville location. He praised the manager by saying: Tim told me up front that it could be 4 to 6 weeks. It was only 2 days, after I placed my order that they were calling me to schedule delivery. Wow! Everything about my purchase was pleasing. I got quick service, … [Read more...] about A Great Buying Experience

Snow Day!

If you have ever wondered how a shed from Hometown Sheds of North Carolina would hold up during harsh weather, now is the time to find out. Our lots are now covered in thick layer of snow, which not only creates great photo opportunities but also proves that the sheds are still going strong regardless of bad weather. Stop by one of our many locations across the Carolinas (when the roads become drivable...or at least when you … [Read more...] about Snow Day!

Using a Shed for Veggies

We at Hometown Sheds of North Carolina love possibilities! People from all walks of life stop by our lot looking for the perfect shed or metal building to fit their needs and we enjoy helping them figure out which options work for them. One of our customers came in looking for a shed so he could sell his vegetables. That’s right, one of our sheds is now the proud fixture that people see when they shop for local produce. And … [Read more...] about Using a Shed for Veggies

No More Ice on the Windshield!

Everyone in North America deserves a huge pat on the back for surviving the Polar Vortex this week. If you were lucky, you got to stay in your home next to the fire place drinking something hot. If you were like most of us, you still had to brave the sub-zero temperatures to go to work. Hopefully one silver lining on the -3 degree weather was that you didn’t have to scrape ice off your windshield because you had a carport or … [Read more...] about No More Ice on the Windshield!

Carports to Beat the Polar Vortex

If you search for the phrase "polar vortex" on one popular social media site over 38,000 hits pop up. That number is just peanuts to the 1 billion usages you will find through a search engine. It just goes to show that everyone in North America miraculously agrees on the same thing: it's cold outside! That fact probably hit home for you when you were scraping the ice off your windshield in sub-zero temperatures this week. If … [Read more...] about Carports to Beat the Polar Vortex

Saying “Good-Bye” To Clutter

Did you hear that whooshing sound? That is the sound of the year flying by so fast that you can expect to hear a sonic boom at any moment. Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Seasons change faster than we can blink. Yesterday we still needed easy access to the lawn mower and today we are trying to persuade ourselves to start putting away Christmas decorations. You might have noticed that as time speeds up, our storage sheds … [Read more...] about Saying “Good-Bye” To Clutter

On Target Buildings

We at Hometown Sheds of North Carolina love hearing about how people will use their storage sheds. From storage to outdoor sports, we have been able to provide a long list of possibilities to our creative customers. Not long ago, some of our Thomasville customers decided that the twin windows on one of our models were perfect for shooting windows. The shed turned out to be the perfect cover stand for their sport shooting. … [Read more...] about On Target Buildings

What’s So Great About Doors?

Different customers require different things from a storage unit. Some need basic roll up doors for a shed or their garage. Others need out swing doors for a unit they are using as an office or studio. Some customers might even need double out swing doors for their shed. Regardless of what kind-of entrance our customers need, we at Hometown Sheds of North Carolina do our best to provide just the right door in every situation. … [Read more...] about What’s So Great About Doors?