Getting Your Groove on with Tongue in Groove

We love that our buildings are stylish and attractive, but we also love all of the underlying features that make them the quality, long lasting buildings that people know and trust. One of the things that makes the floors of our buildings strong is that they're made "tongue in groove", which means that every board has a tongue on one side and a groove down the other. The tongue on one board connects to the groove in the … [Read more...] about Getting Your Groove on with Tongue in Groove

Concrete Proof of Hometown Quality!

Penelope at our Goldsboro location just sold a metal building for a local factory to use as a control tower. The T. S. Rhodes company makes concrete, and they needed a place to oversee the machinery and production - from eight feet up. They chose our aluminum sided 12 x 24 building with a porch and added an additional large window in the end wall. They then built an eight foot high foundation and used a crane to hoist their … [Read more...] about Concrete Proof of Hometown Quality!

Let’s Talk Plainly

Some people who come and buy buildings from us know a lot about construction. They can chat with us all day using the absolute correct terminology and jargon. For most folks, buying a shed or steel structure is unfamiliar territory. There are new words, like gables and joists and steel gauges. There are very specific methods and procedures and even legalities. And sometimes it's overwhelming. At Hometown, we get that, … [Read more...] about Let’s Talk Plainly

Sheds Conquer The House Divided

You’re tired of not parking in the garage because there is just too much stuff. Perhaps you want to start a new hobby and there is no place to do it. Or maybe you’re tripping over the Christmas ornament boxes sitting in the hallway. You need a separate space - and that is where we come in! Hometown Sheds will help you in choosing and designing a shed for any purpose and property. Listed below are several questions you … [Read more...] about Sheds Conquer The House Divided

Got Kids?

It seems like it was just yesterday; your first job, first house, new car. Fast forward 20 years to three teenagers, 2 dogs, and your cat Fluffy. What seemed like plenty of room has suddenly turned into, "Where can we put this?" At Hometown Sheds, we have your problems, at least this one, solved! Our 4 bay garages are the perfect home for the kid’s cars, fido’s bed, and the sports equipment which is piling up in your laundry … [Read more...] about Got Kids?

Building a Shed

Take a look at this metal structure being constructed especially for Hometown Sheds. This is an example of the superior craftsmanship that comes built into every one of our products at Hometown Shed. Whether you need a garage, a barn, a picnic shelter, or something else, contact us at Hometown Sheds. We've got a wide range of buildings on the lot, or we can arrange for your shed to be built to your specifications! … [Read more...] about Building a Shed

Food, Water & Shelters!

Being outdoors should be part of the enjoyment in life. However, the outdoors also brings the hot blazing sun, rain, and unpredicted weather. Why plan around the elements when you can enjoy spending time outside all year long with a covered shelter from Hometown Sheds. Whether it’s for your next church picnic, a break area at your work or business, or just a place for a family gathering, a covered combo shelter can provide … [Read more...] about Food, Water & Shelters!

Wedding Bells & Storage Sheds?

Starting a business is something that is both exciting and risky; that is part of the adventure. But finding just the right place to run the business can be a tough call. If you are lucky, you can start from the comfort of your own home. But as your business expands, you will start to notice how maintaining privacy and focus in a confined space becomes more of an issue as you put more and more hours into your company. What … [Read more...] about Wedding Bells & Storage Sheds?