Wedding Bells & Storage Sheds?

Starting a business is something that is both exciting and risky; that is part of the adventure. But finding just the right place to run the business can be a tough call. If you are lucky, you can start from the comfort of your own home. But as your business expands, you will start to notice how maintaining privacy and focus in a confined space becomes more of an issue as you put more and more hours into your company. What … [Read more...] about Wedding Bells & Storage Sheds?

From Storage Shed to Poker Night

The term “storage unit” can sometimes be misleading because our customers don’t always use their sheds for storage. What else would you use a storage building for, you might wonder. Get some inspiration from one group of men who use a “storage unit” for poker games twice a week. After getting kicked out of a garage (I’ll leave those details up to your imagination), they purchased a 12×20 side gable unit and have now returned … [Read more...] about From Storage Shed to Poker Night

On Target Buildings

We at Hometown Sheds of North Carolina love hearing about how people will use their storage sheds. From storage to outdoor sports, we have been able to provide a long list of possibilities to our creative customers. Not long ago, some of our Thomasville customers decided that the twin windows on one of our models were perfect for shooting windows. The shed turned out to be the perfect cover stand for their sport shooting. … [Read more...] about On Target Buildings

A Home for Your Hens

Sheds have endless possibilities aside from storage. One of those possibilities is converting your new or out of use unit into a chicken coop. Here are some ways that you can take your shed and turn it into a home for hens.First, install a screen door in addition to the existing door. This is so that your chickens will have lots of fresh air and sunshine during the day. Do the same for the windows. Adding screens to the … [Read more...] about A Home for Your Hens

Sorting the Catch and Release

A storage shed has lots of basic uses as well as some pretty creative possibilities. We love hearing about what our customers have done with their storage unit because many of them have found very unique ways of adjusting a great product to perfectly meet their needs. One customer uses his shed for sorting out his catch of Atlantic Blue Crab on the coast. He can shake out the crab pots to separate the his catch from the throw … [Read more...] about Sorting the Catch and Release

The Church Attic that Runneth Over

Have you ever gone hunting through a church attic? There are plenty of items that you would naturally expect to find there: hymnals, seasonal decorations, costumes from the children's last nativity play, and lots of dust. But churches often store more than just the obvious church related items. When you see lots of kids in a church parking lot waving signs that announce a carwash fundraiser, remember that all those buckets, … [Read more...] about The Church Attic that Runneth Over