Don’t Let the Wind Blow or the Snow Load You Down

It's almost over, but this winter has proven to be icy, cold, and wet with an unpredictable forecast. Now spring is almost here, bringing gusts of wind and clouds of pollen. Preparing for inclement weather doesn’t have to be a chore when your valuables are already protected. A carport can save your investments from unnecessary damage. As you'll see in the picture, not all carports are created equal. This spring is a great time … [Read more...] about Don’t Let the Wind Blow or the Snow Load You Down

COVID-19 Policy Update

With the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19 spreading through our communities, we want to keep not only you and your family safe but ours as well, so we have put some safety precautions in place. We ask that if you or anyone you have been around is sick or showing symptoms of illness, that you not come into our office. If you are staying at home for any reason, we have many options to still help you! Here are some … [Read more...] about COVID-19 Policy Update

Don’t Judge A Building By Its Cover

The storage sheds and buildings at Hometown are meant to help you store and organize your items on the inside. You’re going to find that they are attractive on the outside, too. Our wrap around porch model shed is a great example of this. It’s always a fan favorite for more than one reason. From The Inside Out. At first glance you may not believe that this wooden building is really created for storage. The beautiful … [Read more...] about Don’t Judge A Building By Its Cover

Spring Into Fun And Storage

As you look out the window in most parts of the country, the last thing you may think of is spring. Believe it or not, the warm weather and blooming flowers are only a few short weeks away. Preparing now will ensure that your family is prepared for fun and with storage. Swing Into The New Season. What better time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and new life than spring! Your kids, grand kids, and the entire family … [Read more...] about Spring Into Fun And Storage

Stay Together Or Apart This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air at Hometown Sheds. Skip the candy, jewelry, and chocolate this year and get your significant other something they really want – a new she shed or man cave! Staying Together. The sheds, garages, and buildings at Hometown have endless possibilities, thanks to all of the color combinations and customization available. Some of them are meant to work together for both “him and … [Read more...] about Stay Together Or Apart This Valentine’s Day

The Good in 2020

Nothing is all bad, and that includes the year 2020. As we looked back, we found lots of great things that happened at Hometown Sheds. We were able to keep serving during the pandemic. Since we are an essential business, we did not have to close during the initial shutdown. Our lot managers and our customers helped us comply with the safety mandates, and we are very grateful.We broke our sales record! People have really … [Read more...] about The Good in 2020

Plan Now to Save on Taxes for the New Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s almost time for those New Year’s resolutions. Before you start cleaning and decluttering, there’s a way your storage can save you money when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Storing Your Work. If you’re a business owner, you know that storage is a must. From bulky equipment to those important files, a storage building from Hometown Sheds can keep your business necessities safe … [Read more...] about Plan Now to Save on Taxes for the New Year

Unfrosted Windowpanes

Whoever wrote all those Christmas carols about the beauty of frosted windows obviously didn't have car windows to scrape. The pretty flurries of December quickly lose their appeal in the teeth of the biting winter winds. If you're dreading your morning encounter with Jack Frost, do yourself a favor and talk to us about keeping your vehicles covered with a carport or garage from Hometown Sheds. Whatever the Weather. Our … [Read more...] about Unfrosted Windowpanes

We Need a Little Thanksgiving Now

You've probably seen that many people are already putting up their Christmas trees. The song "We Need a Little Christmas" has never rung so true as it does this year. We don't blame you one bit for putting up that tree, but we don't want to forget Thanksgiving - that other really important holiday on the calendar. Most of all, we don't want to forget to stop and actually give thanks. And despite it all, there is still a … [Read more...] about We Need a Little Thanksgiving Now

Shop Small With Hometown Sheds

This holiday season we encourage you to shop small and support locally owned and operated businesses in your hometown. Hometown Sheds is a small “hometown” business and many of our products are created right here in the southeast. Before you shop for your shed, building, garage, or playset online or at the big box stores, come to Hometown Sheds. Locally Built. Many companies create “cookie cutter” buildings which are … [Read more...] about Shop Small With Hometown Sheds