Customizing Your Playset

At Hometown Sheds of North Carolina, we pride ourselves on a lot of things. Our sheds, our steel buildings, the quality of our products, our great service…we could go on, but you get the point. But the products that take the cake in the “fun” category are the amazing Adventure World playsets that we offer. What makes them so amazing? Each gymset is handcrafted from pressure treated lumber and then covered with high quality, … [Read more...] about Customizing Your Playset

Safer Than Sand or Gravel

Hometown Sheds of North Carolina knows that safety is one of your top priorities as a parent. That is why we sell some of the safest playset equipment out there. But in addition to the playset package itself, we also try to make sure that your kids have a soft landing if they fall. Complete your playset purchase by adding super absorbent rubber mulch. Not only is it a great way to guarantee that your kids won’t get scrapes or … [Read more...] about Safer Than Sand or Gravel

Playsets and their Fun-tastic Features

Have you noticed that when you browse through different playset options they all come out looking the same? Sure, each brand touts its “amazing” features, but after a while you are pretty sure that option 3 is exactly the same as option 7. That is where Hometown Sheds of North Carolina comes in. At Hometown, we only sell Adventure World gymsets. Adventure World is known for their excellent quality, American made designs, but … [Read more...] about Playsets and their Fun-tastic Features