How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

Spring is upon us. That means lawns to mow, more time outdoors…and a fuzzy green film of pollen and smelly black mold all over your shed. If you happen to get a sudden burst of motivation to clean the outside of your shed, then there are a couple guidelines you should follow so that the washing won’t lead to damage. First, using a pressure washer is generally not recommended. It can strip the paint from the sides and also … [Read more...] about How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

A Home for Your Hens

Sheds have endless possibilities aside from storage. One of those possibilities is converting your new or out of use unit into a chicken coop. Here are some ways that you can take your shed and turn it into a home for hens.First, install a screen door in addition to the existing door. This is so that your chickens will have lots of fresh air and sunshine during the day. Do the same for the windows. Adding screens to the … [Read more...] about A Home for Your Hens

The Clutter Conundrum-How to Declutter Your Shed

Do you remember when you first bought your storage shed and everything was spotless and immaculately organized. You had easy access to all of your gardening tools and you didn’t have to climb a mountain to reach your favorite holiday decorations. If that dream image of your shed has transformed into a nightmare of mess and clutter then it’s probably a good sign that you need to scale back…a lot. Since getting started can … [Read more...] about The Clutter Conundrum-How to Declutter Your Shed